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About Lancashire Textiles

Here at Lancashire Textiles, we are proud to say we have been operating in the heart of Burnely at Cameron Mill for more than 20 years. We expertly craft a range of products for the bedroom to the back garden to suit every budget. From our popular sleep on cloud extra thick mattress topper to our own factory seconds - there's something for everyone. Apart from our website, we also operate a factory shop where you can come and see the quality of our products for yourself and get a sneak peek into a running mill! Buying directly from the manufacturer allows you to get the best quality products at the best quality prices, including mattress toppers and protectors, duvets, pillows, cushions, towels and even sun lounger cushions. We are members of the 'Made in Britain' and 'Make it British' networks, dedicated to bringing you the best of British manufacturing during an exciting time for the industry.


The History of our Textile Mill

The home of Lancashire Textiles, Cameron Mill, traces its origins to 1906. Built as an extension to Livingstone Mill during the second Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, it was named after Verney Lovett Cameron, the first English explorer to cross Africa on the equator from sea to sea. However, in 1969 the traditional weaving came to an end. After remaining vacant for 4 years, popular stoneware company Pendelfin made Cameron Mill their home in 1973. Tragically in 1986, fire gutted the building and caused one million pounds worth of damage. However, Pendelfin fought hard and resumed production within a week. This brings us to 2001 and the conception of Lancashire Textiles. After Pendelfin relocated, Joe McBride re-established this historic building to its traditional textile production roots- where we have been lovingly producing our products ever since.