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About Lancashire Textiles

Lancashire Textiles are traditional textile manufacturers in UK. Based in our Lancashire mill we have a factory outlet with a large range of new bedding from our popular sleep on cloud extra thick mattress topper to our own factory seconds. Our bedding shop is attached to our factory enabling you to buy in our bedding store as well as buy bedding online.
We pride ourselves on being a member of the 'Made in Britain' and 'Make it British' networks. Here in our factory, based in Burnley we manufacture high quality uk textiles for all around the home. Our products range from duvets, pillows, mattress toppers, mattress protectors and cushions to towels and even sun lounger topper cushions.
At Lancashire Textiles we have always aimed to provide the best quality bedding, manufactured in Burnley keeping British textile manufacturers on the map. When buying from Lancashire Textiles you are buying directly from the manufacturer meaning you get great deals on high quality bedding.

The History of our Textile Mill

Cameron Mill, the home of Lancashire Textiles, British textiles manufacturers in Burnley dates back to 1906 and has been a working textile mill for the majority of its life. The mill was built onto the adjacent Livingstone mill during the second industrial revolution and was named in tribute to Verney Cameron an English explorer.
In 1969 the weaving sadly came to an end and a popular handcrafted stoneware company, Pendelfin made this their base in 1973 after it was left vacant for 4 years. Tragedy hit in 1986 when a fire destroyed most of the building and its content causing a reported one million pounds worth of damage. Although on the brink of bankruptcy, Pendelfin managed to keep going.
In 2002, Pendelfin moved locations and Cameron mill became the home to Lancashire Textiles, where Joe McBride re-established this Lancashire mill as a British textile company.