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Cushions Buying Guide

Cushion Buying Guide

We have a wide selection of cushion sizes and choices, offering different benefits, including support for aches and pains, and added comfort in chairs or beds. We offer standard pillows, bolster pillows, and V shaped pillows.

Cushion Covers

Cushion covers for every piece of furniture, pick from our large selection of decorative cushion covers for the perfect ones for your home.

Cushion Pads

If you already have a favourite decorative cushion that needs some new life then our cushion inner pads are perfect for you, these pads come in different sizes and shapes from 16" diameter circles to 30"x30" allowing you to replace the filling of any cushion.

Butterfly Cushion

Butterfly pillows are designed to provide support by aligning your spine in a natural position, eliminating head and neck pain that is caused when sleeping in the wrong position.

'V' Shaped Cushion

V shaped pillows are great at providing support you need for your back, shoulders, and neck, making them great to use either in bed or as added support of your chair. We offer a wipe down V shaped pillow, which comes with two pillowcases that can be easily removed and washed. It’s made with wipe down clean material, its been designed so that they can be easily wiped down with antibacterial wipes to prevent dirt build up, to rid the pillow of any viruses and bacteria. Another benefit is its hollowfibre material, meaning its good for allergy sufferers.

Duck Feather Cushion

Duck feather cushions filled with 100% duck feather and has a pure cotton fabric casing. Its feather filling allows the cushion to retain its shape with no more than a shake every now and then. It brings you comfort and relaxation as it moulds to your shape, guaranteeing you to have a great night sleep. Our long bolster pillow will come with a pillowcase of your choice.

Magnetic Orthopaedic Lumbar Support Cushion

The magnetic lumbar cushion is a supportive and comfortable cushion that can be used in bed or in a chair. The magnet therapy has benefits to help increase healing, circulation is enhanced since bio magnets are attracted to the iron in the blood, increasing blood flow and promoting healing. Our orthopaedic lumbar supports are made here in Lancashire, at Lancashire textiles. The cushions are fully reversible, so you can choose if you want to use the magnetic stirp side or the plain side, the cushion is made with 100% hollowfibre.

Chair Support Cushion

Our booster cushions offer an additional layer of comfort to your favourite armchair or extra padding on your chair. The handle on the side makes them portable, so they could even be used to kneel on in the garden. The are filled with soft hollowfibre and has bounce back properties meaning your cushion will stay plumper for longer.

Shower Resistant Outdoor Cushions

These large floor cushions have been crafted in a beautiful suede material to add a pop of colour to your home and garden. Created using a waterproof inner liner, they are perfect for lounging in the garden or for the kids room.

Unique Luxury Cushions

Including our range of large and small wedge shaped luxury headboard cushions in a variety of colours we also offer other unique cushion shapes for various uses.

Buying Guides

To make choosing your perfect products easier, our very helpful sleep experts have gathered the most common questions related to our products and answered them for you. Still not sure? Give us a ring on 01282 700338