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Mattress Protectors Buying Guide

Mattress Protectors Buying Guide

Mattress Protectors can help extend the life of your mattress, keep it fresh and clean.

Whats the difference between a mattress Protector and a Topper

A mattress topper is used to fetch an extra layer of warmth and comfort to your mattress. It is placed on top of the mattress but beneath the sheet. Mattress Toppers are available in a wide range of fillings, meaning you can find your perfect topper to help you get a great night’s sleep. Using a mattress topper can also be used as an alternative to buying a new mattress, or if you’re mattress is need of an extra layer of comfort.
Alternatively, A mattress protector will not add cushioning or support, but it will keep your bed clean and hygienic. There are different options available for a mattress protectors including waterproof ones and some others that also work to create a barrier against dust mites, allergens, sweat, and stains.

Do I need both?

Both of these items offer different functionality and benefits, using both at once on your mattress will ensure that your bed is the most comfortable and stain / dirt resistant it can be, protecting the lifespan of your mattress from damage.
To use both at once it is best to layer the topper over the top of your mattress followed by the protector and then your bed linen / sheets.

What are the benefits of Mattress Protectors

  • Making Your Mattress Last Longer.
  • Protecting Against Allergens & Bed Bugs.
  • Providing Additional Comfort.

Caring For Your Mattress Protector

A mattress protector can be washed in the washing machine alongside your bed linin. to keep your mattress as fresh as possible it is recommended that you wash your protector once every 1-2 weeks. Always check the washing instructions sewn into the side of the bedding product. It is Recommended that your mattress topper is washed every three months depending on use - to keep it clean and bright.
Our duck feathered products are sponge clean only and remember to always check the washing instructions sewn into the bedding product to ensure it is washed correctly

Available Mattress Protectors

Temperature Control Topper Picture

Bamboo and Copper Infused

Copper infused bamboo mattress protectors have many benefits; they’re waterproof and help regulate your temperature. With copper being a natural element it is known to have antimicrobial properties which can help keep your bed safe from bacteria, viruses and odours. But best of all, research shows that copper helps to rejuvenate your skin, helping with anti-aging.

Microfibre Topper Picture


A cotton protector has a soft feel to it and features a waterproof barrier. Cotton protectors are super absorbent, helping you stay cool, they are easy to clean and help to keep your mattress stain free. It adds a lovely layer of extra comfort and protection, our own cotton protectors have a 300-thread count making it even softer.

Anti-Allergy Topper Picture


Having a waterproof mattress protector is extremely beneficial to everyone; accidents always happen, but especially to those who are buying a protector for their children, or people sharing the bed with pets, and elderly people. A waterproof mattress protector is key for keeping your mattress clean and safe, as the waterproof topper has a looking system that does not let any liquid get its way though to the mattress.

Wool Topper Picture


A poly cotton protector is another good choice for people suffering from allergies. A combination of luxurious cotton and durable polyester, means its extremely easy to care for. It has a lovely soft feel, and no ironing is necessary for it to look brad new after every wash.

Temperature Control Topper Picture


A wool mattress protector have natural fire, bug and mildew resistant properties. They also do not contain bleach or chemicals, which makes it a good choice for those with sensitive skin or eczema. Wool is also good at regulating your body temp, keeping you hot in the winter and cool in the summer.

Microfibre Topper Picture

Keep It Cool

A cooling topper is designed to help sleepers stay at the right temperature throughout the night, it also aims to help reduce sweating and can be used alongside mattresses that are also temperature regulating

Buying Guides

To make choosing your perfect products easier, our very helpful sleep experts have gathered the most common questions related to our products and answered them for you. Still not sure? Give us a ring on 01282 700338