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Pillows Buying Guide

Pillow Buying Guide

What Sunday mornings were made for

Pillow Fillings


Mother nature is hard to beat. Natural duvets are durable and last longer than those with synthetic fillings. They excel in keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, with the natural fibres helping your skin 'breathe' as you sleep.


Synthetic duvets are a practical choice if you're allergic to feathers and down. All our synthetic duvets are hypo-allergenic, so are less likely to trigger or aggravate allergies. The synthetic fillings also make these duvets easier to wash, quicker to dry, and ultimately easy to care for.

Support Pillows


Orthopaedic pillows are specially shaped and contoured pillows that have been designed to give the user much better spine alignment and weight distribution to allow for a healthier and more restful night’s sleep.


During pregnancy, it’s very important to have the correct posture when resting and being able to adjust position but still have correct alignment of the spine, neck and shoulders. Our pregnancy pillows offer the right kind of support, unique to pregnancy to enable comfort and rest in our luxuriously padded pillows.


Large bolster pillows are becoming more popular with many people compared to your standard sized pillows as they fit the full width of the bed. They have a medium firmness rating making them comfortable pillows yet supportive.

Support Wedges

These foam bed wedges come with a removable and washable quilted cover. The foam is a high density fire retardant polyurethane.