Copper Infused Pillow

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  • Support: Soft
  • Size: Standard Pillow 48cm x 74cm (19" x 29" approx)
  • Fabric: 40% Copper Modified Fibre, 60% Viscose Fibre
  • Filling: 100% Microfibre
  • Thread Count: 300


Copper infused pillows are soft and comfortable for the face with the copper infusion woven though the fibre and radiating through to your skin and hair as you sleep aiding you in your sleep and rejuvenation your skin. When you wake you will feel refreshed and your skin will be glowing. 

Copper is an essential element of life. It is a powerful anti-bacterial and deodorising agent and has a role in conditioning and maintaining healthy appearance of the skin. Copper can be found in super-foods such as almonds and avocado.


Research has shown that copper is key in several processes of skin formation and regeneration. When using copper-infused textiles, positive cosmetic effects are noted, such as significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and improvement in general appearance, all within several weeks of use. Using copper oxide compound we are applying the purest and the most natural form of copper. It is non-soluble in water and does not contaminate the environment.

Pillow Size: Standard pillow: 48cm x 74cm (19" x 29" approx)

Product Details:

  • Casing: 40% copper modified fibre, 60% viscose fibre
  • Filling: 100% Microfibre
  • 300 Thread Count
  • Sateen piped edge
  • Soft support


Care Instructions:

  • Machine Washable at 30 Degrees
  • Do Not Bleach or Tumble Dry
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