Magnetic Mattress Topper


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Made in Britian

Magnet therapy has been used for thousands of years as a method of pain relief, and is extremely popular in many countries throughout the world, most notably in Japan where magnetic therapy is a fully recognised method of treatment.

Lancashire Textiles Magnetic mattress toppers strength has 7 Gauss (gauss is the measurement of strength of magnetic fields).

The higher the gauss value, the stronger the magnetic field).

Our Magnetic mattress topper will help with muscle tension, degenerative changes like arthritis and rheumatic disorders, back pain, stiff joints, general spasms, fibromyalgia, headaches and migraines.

Magnetic therapy can also enhance athletic performance and greatly reduce stress also it is perfect topper to cover all springs and revive mattress.

Please Note: Free Pillow(s) do not come with magnetic strip.


  • Single: 90cm x 190cm - (1 -2 Inch Thick)
  • Double: 137cm x 190cm - (1 -2 Inch Thick)
  • King: 150cm x 200cm - (1 -2 Inch Thick)
  • Super King: 180cm x 180cm - (1 -2 Inch Thick)


  • Casing: Blended Cotton with Magnet Straps
  • Filling: Hollowfibre
  • Packaging: Clear Bag

Care Instructions:

  • Machine Washable

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