Luxury Suede Pregnancy Spine Support Chair Back Rest Comfort Reading Cushion

Item No: PregSpineCradle-LT

From: £54.99

This versatile back support cushion is great for those who are pregnant and experience back pains or who experience back pains from not sitting correctly.

Made from high quality suede this cushion will not fade or discolour as easily as other covers giving you long lasting support.

Designed to align your back and spin whilst sitting, reading, watching TV or in the office this cushion will offer lumbar support and promote a better posture and stop back pains.

Arm rests cradle your body and provide a comfortable an natural position to rest your arms when when reading and prevents strain on your shoulders.

We've included a carry handle stitched to the cushion allows it to be moved anywhere in your home with ease.


  • Height of the back: 50cm
  • Arm Length: 22cm
  • Width of the back (including arms): 75cm


  • Casing: 100% Suede
  • Filling: Hollowfibre
  • Packaging: Clear Bag

Care Instructions:

  • Sponge Clean Only