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Learn Why Pillows Are So Important To Your Sleep

Pillows are an important part to good night’s sleep that we have created this guide to help you choose which is the right pillow for you.

Filling Types

Feather and down: These pillows remain supportive and comfortable longer than synthetic fillings and they can be moulded to suit your neck. Lots of people opt for feather & down pillows, as they have a longer lifespan to synthetic pillows.
You will find that they have a musky smell at first too, so they would need to be aired before their first use.

Microfibre: This synthetic filling is soft and comfortable but if you are wanting a firmer pillow then you would be advised to go for a hollowfibre or memory foam option.

Hollowfibre: A firmer choice over microfibre and such will give you more support if you suffer from neck pain.

Memory foam: They offer even support for your head & neck which helps to relieve pain. Memory foam is very durable and long lasting and is also hypoallergenic.

Latex: Like memory foam it offers even support but it is more breathable and won’t cause overheating. Latex is naturally hypoallergenic, and they are durable which helps to give you that extra support.

Wool: Another naturally hypoallergenic filling, wool pillows offer a medium firmness. This filling also helps to regulate your body’s temperature and the natural properties of the filling wicks away moisture.

What is the right pillow for your preferred sleep style?

Back sleeper: If you generally sleep on your back then we would recommend that you choose a thin pillow, this won’t throw your head too far forward which would put stress onto your neck. Memory foam would also be a good choice as it would mould to your neck's curve, giving consistent support.

Side sleeper: A firm, high pillow is best, as this will help keep your spine and neck aligned whilst you sleep. You could also benefit from sleeping with a pillow between your knees, to help prevent pain in the lower back.

Front sleeper: It is not recommended to sleep on your front, but some people do prefer it. If you are a front sleeper ten a thin, almost flat pillow is best.

Mixed or combination sleeper: There is no reel recommendation if you toss and turn during the as no pillow will completely meet your needs. The best bet would be a medium height pillow, offering support for when you are on your side and the shallowness needed for back sleeping.

Support Pillows

We also offer a range of support pillows to help those that suffer neck pain & shoulder pain and also some speciality pillows for pregnancy & nursing.

V-shaped pillows: offer support to those who suffer from shoulder and back pain but can also help those who snore. Front-sleepers would also benefit from this pillow.

Pregnancy U-shaped pillows: help support your body in a variety of different positions, so you can get comfy during pregnancy, they also offer support for people who suffer from back pain and knee pain.

Contour pillows: specially Designed to cradle and support your neck whilst you sleep to help prevent waking up with a stiff neck and help spinal alignment

Anti-Snore: this has a stitched centre to help tilt the neck backwards to help clear the air way and also provides the much needed support for the neck and head to avoid waking with stiffness.