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warm, cosy and comfortable sleep mattress topper | Lancashire Textiles

We offer a wide range of mattress toppers that offer back support or just add comfort to your mattress ensuring you get a good night’s sleep. This guide will help you choose which mattress topper is best for you.

Do you need a mattress topper?
If you find your mattress uncomfortable, then a mattress topper can help get your night’s sleep back on track by providing more support for you or more softness depending on the topper you choose. Mattress toppers can also help make your mattress last longer by prolonging its life.
If your mattress has a dip in it, then a mattress topper would not help as it would sink into the dip. This means that your mattress is damaged and would therefore need to be replaced.

Mattress Topper Types

Feather & Down Toppers: The feathers in these toppers offer extra support for your back whilst also offering you extra warmth from the natural properties of the feathers.

Hollowfibre Toppers: We have a range of synthetic hollowfibre mattress toppers that will add support to your mattress, they range in thickness depending on how much comfort you want to add to your bed.

Hypoallergenic Topper: For those that suffer from allergies then one of our Hypoallergenic toppers would be the one for you, with a choice of synthetic fibres or wool, they are firmer than a feather or down topper and offer an extra layer of warmth to your bed.

Orthopaedic Toppers: If you want greater support then one of our orthopaedic foam toppers may be for you, we offer several in this range that give you extra support for you back and they soften under your body to provide customised sleeping support.